The inspiration from natural living system to develop small molecule catalyst, organocascade assembling of complex molecule will eventually result in discovery of novel bio-valuable molecules, which in turn serve as significant regulatory tools for a variety of biological pathways in living system. During this conceivably functional cycle, small molecule and living organism can be thought of as complementary forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which each could promote mutually by the other. We bear persistent enthusiasm for the pursuit of discovery of novel molecules, ideal total synthesis of natural products and interpretation their bioactive mechanism of act. Assisted by modern techniques such as high-content-SAR, computer modeling and high-throughput screening, we collaborate dynamically with various laboratories to identify significant biological targets and facilitate biomedical research for novel drug discovery. 

Most important of all, our lab is devoted to stimulating synergistic cooperation among all members of interdisciplinary fields. Training students is always our core responsibility and empowering young to be mature scientist is one of our goals!


“Welcome to NIBS family
We love you
So we will tolerate the mistakes you are going to make;
We will accept your deficiencies and ignorance as when we were young;
We respect you so will regard you equally,
Eager to learn from you as much as we want to impart what we know to you;
We know the road is long and the mountain is high, and will walk besides you through the brightness of day and the darkness of night;
We trust you with the honor of our own, believe in you that you will treat science with responsibility and integrity.
And be your co-workers like family members of your own.”


                                                                                                  —————-From the lovely professors of NIBS