Lab News

08/15/2019: Our chemogenetic strategy via Bioactive compound HTS was successfully applied by Jie to identify the role of PDE3A in Estrogen Induced Apoptosis! Molecular cell!

06/10/2019: Our “Total synthesis of (-)-Alstofolinine A” paper was Highlighted by Erick M. Carreira in “Synfacts!

04/16/2019: Our “Visible-Light-Induced Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling with Alkylzirconocenes” paper was posted  to “Sneak Peek” by CELL press!

03/30/2019: The Qi group welcomes our new members, Songlin Bai

03/06/2019: Very nice work from Lei, Ye and Wenting on the aza‐Achmatowicz rearrangement and total synthesis of (-)-Alstofolinine A in Angewandt Congrats!

02/10/2019: The Qi group welcomes our new intern undergraduate students, Xin Wang!

01/01/2019: The Qi group welcomes our new members, Dr. Gen Li and Dr. Xiaoqing Wu!

12/10/2018: The Qi group welcomes our new members, Jing Gao and Yan Wang!

11/06/2018: Beautiful work from Yunaxun on the Halogen bonds involved in receptr-ligand interactions! ACS Med. Chem. Lett. Congrats!

10/06/2018: Finally the new role of MDMA was disclosed by Chao Wei, Congrats! Cell Discovery!

09/11/2018: Smarter design of a hybridization-chain-reaction by Zhiqiang and was successfully applied by Rui to discover a novel strategy for amplifying immunosignals in Nature Methods! Congrats!

07/21/2018: Mingliang’s PS10 was identified to have significant role in insulin signaling in DIO mice! Congrats!

03/21/2018: Peihao’s staurosporine targets the Hippo pathway to inhibit cell growth! JMCB! Congrats!

11/21/2017: Yuze’s Novel Hinge-Binder can beat Ibrutinib for BTK! JMC! Congrats!

05/18/2017: Mingliang’s PS compounds are highly effective as Liver-targeting Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase Inhibitors and published in JMC! Congrats!


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